Thermage flx vs cpt

Jump to navigation. So what is Thermage? Thermage is a radiofrequency based skin tightening treatment and the FLX is the latest generation of the Thermage device. Several different devices have become available since Thermage first came to the market approximately 15 years ago and these include Pelleve, Exilis, Venus, Viora, Ematrix, Tripolar, Infini, Fractora, Profound, and the list goes on. However, over the years, Thermage has remained the gold standard treatment for nonsurgical skin tightening with more treatments and more research behind it then any of the other devices.

The FLX offers better results, quicker treatments, and more comfortable treatments because of a new energy delivery algorithm, larger spot size, and improvements in the vibrating handpiece. The new AccuREP energy delivery algorithm automatically tunes the energy delivered prior to EVERY pulse rather then only before the first pulse as was the case with the prior generations of the device.

This change leads to improved efficacy, efficiency and comfort. The Thermage FLX can be used on the face, neck and body. Thermage is the only FDA approved skin tightening treatment for the eyelids. How does Thermage work?

It uses radiofrequency energy to heat the skin. The heat stimulates initial collagen contraction followed by new collagen formation.

Eyelid Thermage - Total Dermatology

Some results are seen immediately after the treatment and this is due to contraction of the collagen already present prior to treatment. Longer term, more substantial results are seen months after treatment and this is due to collagen remodeling and new collagen formation neocollagenesis.

I believe that Thermage should be the cornerstone of any nonsurgical skin tightening treatment plan. Of course, not everyone is a candidate for nonsurgical skin tightening but for those with mild to moderate skin laxity, Thermage is my go to treatment.

I always try to bring these treatments together with a good at home daily skincare regimen which should include an antioxidant, sunscreen, retinol, and peptides. My favorite products are:. Disclaimer: The information throughout this injectable treatment and skin care website is not intended to be taken as medical advice.

Lauderdale, and nearby areas of FL. This website is not intended for viewing or usage by European Union citizens. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our Coral Gables office today for a personal consultation.

View our nondiscrimination and ADA compliance statement. About Meet Dr. Authored by: Dr. Shaun Patel. I often combine the following treatments for what I call global rejuvenation or 4D antiaging: Wrinkle relaxers like Botox and Dysport for dynamic lines and wrinkles on the upper face and neck. Dermal fillers for static lines and wrinkles and to correct age related volume loss. Skin tightening with Thermage to lift the face, open up the eyes, improve jawline definition, and increase collagen.

Skin Rejuvenation. All rights reserved.What is Thermage?

Dr Chua Cheng Yu

As we age, we all develop wrinkles, sagging skin and discoloration. Thermage treats these telltale signs of aging in the face and can be used to tighten the skin on the body. Thermage is a non-invasive procedure which tightens and contours for a naturally younger looking appearance with no surgery, injections, and little to no downtime. A patient benefits after a single treatment with results that can last for years Back to Top Thermage Facts. How Does Thermage work?

As we age, the collagen in our skin breaks down faster than our bodies can rebuild it. Thermage targets the collagen in the skin with Capacitive Radiofrequency CRF technology that stimulates growth of new collagen, tightening and improving the skin's contour. Thermage is able to affect all levels of the skin, enabling it to treat more of the body and increasing the length of time that the results last. Treatments last from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the areas of skin the patient wishes to treat.

One of the most compelling reasons for the Thermage's popularity is its instant-gratification factor. Results begin immediately as soon as treatment takes place and improvements to the skin's texture and appearance will continue as new collagen grows, often for months.

Thermage is non-surgical so no anesthesia is needed, although many physicians will provide a pain medication as requested. Patients will feel a heating sensation each time the hand piece sends a pulse of RF energy. The latest version of the Thermage device, Thermage CPT, also delivers a cooling pulse to decrease the heating sensation. The physician will continue delivering pulses in a grid like pattern until the entire area is treated.

Patients will usually be a little red afterward and may have some bruising at the treatment area and can return to normal activities on the same day.

There is an initial improvement, but it takes time for the collagen to grow. It will develop over the next several months, providing continued improvement, so it may take as much as 6 months before a patient sees the final results. Very few patients report any negative side effects from Thermage, with a reported incidence of adverse effects less than 0. There is always a risk, as with any cosmetic enhancement, of long-term negative effects.

Be sure to choose an experienced Thermage provider with whom you feel comfortable, and examine their before and after results as well as discussing your expectations before making your decision. Be sure to ask your physician about any complications that may be specific to you as different individuals may have varied reactions to the treatment. It is normally used to treat the neck, lower and mid face, forehead, eyes, and brow, but other parts of the body can be treated as well.

Thermage is a simple procedure that reduces the appearance of aging skin. Your skin is supported by collagen, which is a naturally occurring protein in your body that can become depleted by the age, environment, diet, smoking, or sun damage.


The procedure typically lasts for 30 to 90 minutes depending on how much area is being treated. Radiofrequency energy is directed just below the surface of the skin into the collagen with no surgery, injections, or incisions. During the treatment, a cooling spray may be used to make the procedure more comfortable and protect your skin. You may also be given a pain medication to reduce discomfort. Over the next 6 months, your skin will slowly begin to produce more collagen, filling in the lines and grooves in your skin and producing a younger, more vibrant appearance.

Many patients who have undergone Thermage have been thrilled with their new younger look. Results can begin to appear in as little as 3 weeks.

Thermage, like any medical procedure has a few risks involved. Some of the complications that can occur include temporary skin damage, mild redness or swelling, or mild pain beneath the jaw. There are rarer but more severe complications that your doctor can describe.

It is important to point out that these side effects are minor compared to those of a traditional face lift. Discuss the risks and any questions or concerns you have with your physician before the procedure.

Recovery is very easy and most people can return to their regular activities right away. Other rejuvenation therapies may be recommended such as diet, nutritional supplements, or the Obagi Nu-Derm system.The 1 provider of skin tightening treatments worldwide. One quick treatment 30 to 90 minutes depending on the treatment area can deliver outstanding results for most patients.

As we age, the collagen that keeps our skin firm breaks down resulting in aging skin that contains fine lines and wrinkles. For most patients, measurable results appear gradually in the two to six months following a single treatment session and can last for years depending on your skin condition and aging process.

Unlike many cosmetic procedures requiring multiple sessions, Thermage FLX delivers results after a single treatment. Best of all, results continue to improve over time. Your doctor can give you a more precise idea of cost based on where you want to see results.

Some patients have temporary redness or minor swelling after treatment, but this usually goes away within 24 hours. Most patients return to their regular activities immediately following treatment. No special care is required afterward, aside from basic skin maintenance and sunscreens as part of a regular skincare regimen.

Tara Model and Actual Patient. A Single Treatment One quick treatment 30 to 90 minutes depending on the treatment area can deliver outstanding results for most patients. Fast and Comfortable Designed to deliver maximum results in a short, comfortable procedure. Little to No Downtime Go right back to life as usual —no need to miss work or fun. Lasting Results Results improve over time and can last for years. Multiple Treatment Areas Treats wrinkles and loose skin on the face, around the eyes and on the body.

FACE Softened lines around the mouth, eyes, forehead; improved definition on jawline and under the chin. Photos have not been retouched. Individual results may vary. BODY Improved contours and appearance of crepey skin; smoother skin on the abdomen and legs. The applied heat causes collagen to contract and encourages new collagen to start growing. This helps create smoother skin after just one treatment with results that continue to improve.

How long will the results last? How many treatments will I need? How much does it cost?The outstanding and consistent results you expect from Thermage, now designed for fast, comfortable treatments. Non-invasive radiofrequency RF therapy for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles and rhytids including the upper and lower eyelids, non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and rhytids and temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

thermage flx vs cpt

Mechanical advancements with vibration elements integrated with cooling blasts achieve an exceptional level of patient comfort.

Developed a one-of-a-kind radiofrequency technology with more than 70 patents applications to deliver outstanding results and comfort.

thermage flx vs cpt

Uses Precise heating to address lines and wrinkles. FACE Softened lines around the mouth, eyes, forehead; improved definition on jawline and under the chin.

Photos have not been retouched. Individual results may vary. BODY Improved contours and appearance of crepey skin; smoother skin on the abdomen and legs.

We can answer questions about system flexibility, treatment efficacy, patient demand and of course, practice investment. The simultaneous application of radiofrequency energy and skin vibration by the Thermage system and accessories are indicated for use in: Dermatologic and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis; Non-invasive treatment of periorbital wrinkles and rhytids; Non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and rhytids; Temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite; Relief of minor muscle aches and pains; Relief of muscle spasms; and Temporary improvement of local circulation blood circulation.

Improper use of the Thermage system may cause personal injury or damage to the system.Thermage is well known as a premium, non-invasive skin tightening and lifting procedure. The latest Thermage CPT system is supposed to tighten skin, lift saggy features and smoothing wrinkles with minimal downtime and increased comfort.

Aging skin loses collagen in the deep skin layers. This causes wrinkles to form and sagging to happen. Thermage is FDA approved technology which uses heat from radio-frequency to tighten and lift skin by stimulating collagen in the skin. This was great news to people looking for a needle-free, completely non-surgical way to lift droopy skin and erase wrinkles.


In my opinion, it became popular because it promised people a visible result from one session, especially so for the fine lines and sagging eyelids for the upper face. Thermage has recently come under a lot of scrutiny. On Realself. The risks of Thermage are due to the use of heat from the exterior to tighten skin. The thin skin of the exterior is subject to the most heat and makes it very vulnerable to skin burns and discomfort.

In fact, most of the unsatisfied patients on Realself describe it as a painful experience, with burn marks left on the skin afterward, and still minimal results. Updated Sept : The science: the effects of radiofrequency otherwise known as RF depends on the electrical conductivity of the tissue. Skin has up to 10x the conductivity compared to the conductivity of the layers beneath.

In fact, this literature review a very comprehensive clinical analysis 4 analysed many studies carried out by various RF devices including many by Thermage. Updated Sept : Another high profile case of multiple burns caused by Thermage that happened in can be seen here:.

As mentioned, a much higher energy delivery into surface skin, rather than the underlying sagging tissues, would result in some superficial skin benefits brightening, improved texture etcbut it would be difficult to achieve other tightening effects without also facing a high risk of skin burns.

This cannot be mitigated by the use of stronger numbing agents or event sedation — these can actually mask the pain response when it starts to get dangerous for the patient and makes it easier to burn the patient. The non-surgical facelift options for Thermage or Radiofrequency include those in a similar category or other different modalities. The broad categories are:.

This spares the skin surface and is also more affordable and comfortable proven by clinical study 1 at end of this document. While both use heat to stimulate collagen growth in the deeper skin layers, Thermage uses radiofrequency to heat tissues from the outside, whereas the treatments like the Fotona Starwalker VERSA3 and Dynamis PIANO heats deep tissues, sparing the skin surface. Thermage heats the top layer of skin top while Long-Pulse Nd-Yag laser leaves top layer untouched bottom.

As you can see from the diagrams, with radiofrequency devices like Thermage CPT and Exilis, radiofrequency works by heating the surface layers more so than the deep layers. There is no way to deliver heat from the inside with a non-invasive radiofrequency device. Some RF devices try to cool the surface to make it more comfortable, but this also reduces effectiveness.

The result is much less paina much lower risk of burnsas well as more effective heating of the underlying tissues to create results. Results are seen from the very first session — almost immediately.Reading Time: 6 minutes. Having used all of these treatments, let me review the best non-surgical face-lifts in Singapore:. If you have not tried any of these treatments or if you have tried one of these but not the other, this comparison is for you. The first device for skin tightening to be approved sinceThermage uses monopolar radiofrequency to deliver heat to the deep dermis 3.

Ultrasound technology was first FDA-approved for skin lifting and tightening with Ulthera in Subsequently, many other brands of HIFU were introduced with less pain and more treatment handpieces for specialised treatment in targeted areas eyes, body.

The added benefit of delivering RF energy using insulated micro-needles instead of bulk heating is an improvement in uneven skin texture and acne scarring due to the micro-needle effect.

Silhouette Soft and PDO threads are commonly used for targeted lifting of sagging skin and they give immediate results with long-term stimulation of collagen. You are not alone. To achieve beauty at any age, speak to your aesthetic doctor for a facial assessment.Thermage has been in use since the yearwhile Ultherapy has been introduced more recently in Both treatments work to stimulate the production of collagen in the deeper layers of your skin so that the signs of aging are erased.

You can use them for eliminating fine lines, wrinkles, folds of skin, and creases on your face. The fundamental difference between the two is the energy they use to produce the results you need. Here are some facts you need to know about Ultherapy vs Thermage.

Ultherapy uses ultrasonic waves delivered with precision technology into the underlying layers of your skin, whereas Thermage uses radiofrequency waves to induce heat in the skin. Both treatments are highly effective, but while the Ultherapy non-surgical facelift directs the energy to the lower levels of the skin and treats it from inside out, the radio frequency waves of Thermage treats the outer skin and extends inwards.

Given a choice, Ultherapy vs Thermage, you can keep in mind that Ultherapy is the only FDA approved procedure for erasing the signs of aging. You can safely use Ultherapy on areas the areas of your facial skin such as the brow, corners of the eyes, under the chin, on your neck and the decolletage. As for Thermage, it can be used on the face such as the jawline, eyes and lips.

thermage flx vs cpt

However, it is also useful to induce the production of collagen and can be used to treat sagging skin on your abdomen, thighs, arms, and buttocks.

When performing Ultherapy procedures, the expert dermatologist treating you keeps a careful watch on the display to monitor the levels of the skin where the sound waves are reaching. However, when providing Thermage, it is not possible to control the temperature of the radio-frequency used. Ultherapy procedures are performed with a wand that targets the specific areas to be treated with careful precision that is not possible with Thermage.

More advanced versions of Thermage also provide vibrations to reduce any possibility of discomfort. When choosing Ultherapy vs Thermage, you might want to keep in mind that Ultherapy has no side effects, it is safer, involves no downtime, and is likely to cause less or almost no discomfort. However, sessions for the decolletage can take 30 minutes. A single Thermage session can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half to cover depending on the area of the skin to be treated and the extent of the damage.

Effective on all skin types, Ultherapy non-surgical facelift gives you a gradual lifting of the skin. The lines and wrinkles you see slowly fade away leaving behind gorgeous skin that looks radiant. Should you read the skin tightening reviews of Ultherapy vs. Thermage or look at the before and after pictures of Ultherapy treatments, you will find a marked difference in the appearance of your skin. Consider the benefit to your health, and be sure that any risk is minimized through approved procedures, and professional staff.

What is the Difference Between Ultherapy and Thermage? Interested in your thoughts regarding Ultherapy vs Thermage. Hoping to accomplish two things; lifted brows and jowls. Ultherapy Vs. What The Procedures Involve Ultherapy uses ultrasonic waves delivered with precision technology into the underlying layers of your skin, whereas Thermage uses radiofrequency waves to induce heat in the skin.

Areas That Can be Treated You can safely use Ultherapy on areas the areas of your facial skin such as the brow, corners of the eyes, under the chin, on your neck and the decolletage.

thermage flx vs cpt

Safety Factors When performing Ultherapy procedures, the expert dermatologist treating you keeps a careful watch on the display to monitor the levels of the skin where the sound waves are reaching.

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